World of the Landia

About the book:

Laila, Naté, Chara and Kobu were destined to become wanderers since their childhood. At a young age they had learned the ancient art of Materialization. When danger threatens their home, these four companions embark on a journey that takes them to exciting and dangerous new places. They become lost in the cave system of Abúd Dail and afterwards try to solve the mystery of Godrum City: A city that once was the pride of Eastern Landia, but now is abandoned and buried by dust.

Soon they discover that to complete their mission they must find a mysterious being only known as Nameless who travels across Landia using illusions and trickery to grow more powerful with every passing day.

Written by Jakub Trpiš

When the book comes out?

The first part of a trilogy subtitled Four Wanderers is finished and the release will be arranged soon. It will come out 16.11. 2017.

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